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What are cardboard cutouts?

A flat cardboard piece cut in the required size and shape is known as a cardboard cutout. Generally the image of a person, product, logo or any other item is turned into a cutout. These cutouts are used extensively in the advertising and marketing industry. Shops and stores often use life size cutout of models and celebrities who endorse products. Nowadays anyone can order a cutout of self, family member or friend. cardboard cutouts with face hole can be ordered. The image supplied by the customer is enlarged digitally and used to make the cutout.

Read more about cardboard cutouts

Different Sizes

Such cutouts can be ordered in any size that can be handled by the laser cutting machine. The machine is used to cut out the cardboard in required shape and size. The cutout can be ordered in different sizes. Most people prefer life size cutout that looks real and immediately attracts attention of visitors. The custom cutouts can be ordered in mini, small, large, life like and extra large sizes.

Personal or Other People

People can now order cutouts of their own. They only need to provide their photo. Such cutouts are used during the parties and events. It provides a good talking point and makes the event lively. Many people order cutouts of celebrities, politicians and famous people for parties or other purposes. Cardboard cutouts of pets and animals can be ordered online.

Different Purposes

It is a perfect gift for birthday and other personal events. Businesses use cutouts extensively to promote and market their products or services. During the tradeshows, a large number of participating businesses use cutouts to promote their products. It is an effective way to launch new products during a trade show, through the exclusive launch event, or directly in the stores. Many government departments use cutouts to disseminate public messages.

High Quality Custom Life Size Cutouts

Now advanced machines and technologies are used to make life size custom cutouts. A laser cutting machine is used to cut the cardboard sheet precisely. It results in a cutout that has no burr or rough edges on the sides. Companies providing cutout services accept next day rush orders. They are ready to make cutouts from any photo, design or artwork. It is not necessary for the customer to provide the image in a cutout shape. The image processing task is handled by the graphic designer of the cutout company. Minor touch-ups and colour corrections are rendered by the graphic designing team. A waterproof, high-resolution and 6-color printing process is used. The image ratio is maintained accurately. Businesses can order cutouts in their choice of materials. A cutout made of cardboard is inexpensive. Other materials can cost more.